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    Brickeffects is an online platform, that is able to convert nearly arbitrary 3D volume models into stable, colored brick models and generate the corresponding building instruction manual.


    You either bring your own 3D model, which was created on your own, with one of the varoius 3D programs, like ‘Blender’ or Microsoft ‘3D Builder’. Or you can take it for free or purchase it from various sources, like online 3D file libraries, sometimes accompanied by a 3D shop.

    There will also be provided a steadily growing catalog of availanle models you can choose from.
    Every thought about ‘brickalizing’ yourself or your beloved ones from a body 3D scan? Welcome!


    On our shop platform, you will be able to watch a bricked preview of your 3D model. You may adjust in the number of layers, or choose a hollowed model to save bricks.
    In a later stage also colors and the model itself shall be modifiable.


    Finally, for each and every model the construction is unique for the customer as the construction itself and the building instruction manuals are always generated individually.


    When a 3D model is uploaded, the platform immediately sends this model to a server, which calculates a preview and the price of the bricked model. This preview is presented in the shop. In case you adjust the number of layers, this change is also sent to the server. It will recalculate the model and preview in the shop. You can already enjoy that view.

     After the order is complete, the platform also generates a digital construction manual with a step by step visualization in near photo realistic quality. You will also be able to order an additional printed version of the construction manual. A digital version will be included.

    Sometimes models are not brickalized as you may expect. Therefore, it is planned to have the option, that the brickeffects team checks and improve the aspect of the model.

    Unless you order more than one copy in one order, each and every model is unique as is always rendered individually, even if you take a catalog model.
    It is your individual model that is universally unique!

    Building instruction with detailed piece list (excerpt)
    Choose more layers to get a more detailed model