Brickeffects is an online platform, that can convert nearly arbitrary 3D volume models into stable, colored brick models and generate the corresponding building instruction manual for building bricks. We currently support LEGO standard bricks and q-bricks, an alternative producer of building bricks of high quality. We sell the instructions.


We offer models on our web shop, and you can choose the size. Upon purchase, you will receive an instruction manual for the model provided online, allowing you to build the model.

The selection of models changes from time to time and will continue to grow. We will also offer seasonal models, i.e., thematically oriented towards holidays and events.

If you would like to have a custom model, e.g. with different colors, or an individual number of layers, or even you own idea for a model contact us! We will then check if that is possible and make you an offer.


We present models in our shop that we have generated with our software. After the order is complete, you receive a generated digital instruction manual with a step-by-step visualization in near to photo-realistic quality. You will be able to download the instruction manual.

Every model that we create starts from a 3D-model. First, it is approximated with a layer-by-layer brick presentation. Next, the model is improved to become stable. I.e. no bricks fall off and bricks overlap as good as possible. Finally, an instruction manual is generated automatically assuring that the model can be build.

Especially we take care that during your build process all bricks are always connected and can always be fixed to another existing part. There are no parts that are not connected with the rest which would happen regularly if an instruction only buildt up layer by layer and would not care about connectivity.

For individual models that are not presented in the shop you may contact us. Sometimes, models are not brickalized as you may expect. Therefore, the brickeffects team checks and possibly improves the aspect of the model. You then can decide whether you want to purchase an instruction manual.

Each custom model is unique as is always rendered individually!

Building instruction with detailed piece list (excerpt)
Choose more layers to get a more detailed model